What do you know about chips and free slots?

Автор: Administrator 28.03.2013 07:08


Have you ever thought how chips in casino important? It is always made from the best plastic or ceramic, it has specific design and several levels of protection. Chips appear when using real money to bet started to be inconvenient. Damaged paper bank notes were always the reason of fights between dealer and gamblers. Free slot machines which used coins were easy to cheat; robbers put fake money but played with real bets. Chips in modern casino look really valuable and beautiful. Some gamblers can’t leave casino without one chip in pocket for long memory. 
There is Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club in USA which was opened in 1988 where all fans of chips can enjoy their hobby all together. We believe that some facts about chips below can be interesting for you.
First chip was made from clay. Soon in casino they understood that this material is not strong enough and changed to metal.
The lightest chips are for roulette, it has only 7.5 grams weight.
Chips for Poker or Blackjack has diameter approximately 40 mm and weight about 14 grams. Color of chips depends on value.
White color – 1 dollar
Pink color – 2, 5 dollars
Red color – 5 dollars
Blue color – 10 dollars
Yellow color – 20 dollars
Green color – 25 dollars
Black color – 100 dollars
Purple color – 500 dollars
Bright orange color – 1000 dollars
Grey color – 5000 dollars
Chips of thousands dollars have square shape.
Every chip has certain way of protection. It can be complicated geometric figures, holograms or even build-in microchip. Microchip contains all information about casino where chip was sold, about value of gambling chip and date of production.
Metallic chips don’t have value painted on. It can be used only for betting in slot machine Lost Treasures or in any other free slots. Its diameter is about 25 mm; surface is polished to prevent dirt stick on it.
Both chips for gambling in table games or for free slot machines should be used only inside certain casino where were bought.